General API#

Python Abstract Syntax Tree New Generation.

The aim of this module is to provide a common base representation of python source code for projects such as pychecker, pyreverse, pylint… Well, actually the development of this library is essentially governed by pylint’s needs.

It mimics the class defined in the python’s _ast module with some additional methods and attributes. New nodes instances are not fully compatible with python’s _ast.

Instance attributes are added by a builder object, which can either generate extended ast (let’s call them astroid ;) by visiting an existent ast tree or by inspecting living object.

Main modules are:

  • nodes and scoped_nodes for more information about methods and attributes added to different node classes

  • the manager contains a high level object to get astroid trees from source files and living objects. It maintains a cache of previously constructed tree for quick access

  • builder contains the class responsible to build astroid trees