Integrate Pylint with TextMate#

Install Pylint in the usual way:

pip install pylint

Install the Python bundle for TextMate:

  1. select TextMate > Preferences

  2. select the Bundles tab

  3. find and tick the Python bundle in the list

You should now see it in Bundles > Python.

In Preferences, select the Variables tab. If a TM_PYCHECKER variable is not already listed, add it, with the value pylint.

The default keyboard shortcut to run the syntax checker is Control-Shift-V - open a .py file in Textmate, and try it.

You should see the output in a new window:

PyCheckMate 1.2 – Pylint 1.4.4

No config file found, using default configuration

Then all is well, and most likely Pylint will have expressed some opinions about your Python code (or will exit with 0 if your code already conforms to its expectations).

If you receive a message:

Please install PyChecker, PyFlakes, Pylint, PEP 8 or flake8 for more extensive code checking.

That means that Pylint wasn't found, which is likely an issue with command paths - TextMate needs be looking for Pylint on the right paths.

Check where Pylint has been installed, using which:

$ which pylint

The output will tell you where Pylint can be found; in this case, in /usr/local/bin.

  1. select TextMate > Preferences

  2. select the Variables tab

  3. find and check that a PATH variable exists, and that it contains the appropriate path (if the path to Pylint were /usr/local/bin/pylint as above, then the variable would need to contain /usr/local/bin). An actual example in this case might be $PATH:/opt/local/bin:/usr/local/bin:/usr/texbin, which includes other paths.

... and try running Pylint again.