consider-using-generator / R1728#

Message emitted:

Consider using a generator instead '%s(%s)'


If your container can be large using a generator will bring better performance.

Problematic code:

list([0 for y in list(range(10))])  # [consider-using-generator]
tuple([0 for y in list(range(10))])  # [consider-using-generator]
sum([y**2 for y in list(range(10))])  # [consider-using-generator]
max([y**2 for y in list(range(10))])  # [consider-using-generator]
min([y**2 for y in list(range(10))])  # [consider-using-generator]

Correct code:

list(0 for y in list(range(10)))
tuple(0 for y in list(range(10)))
sum(y**2 for y in list(range(10)))
max(y**2 for y in list(range(10)))
min(y**2 for y in list(range(10)))

Additional details:

Removing [] inside calls that can use containers or generators should be considered for performance reasons since a generator will have an upfront cost to pay. The performance will be better if you are working with long lists or sets.

For max, min and sum using a generator is also recommended by pep289.

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