Upgrading pylintΒΆ

You should probably set the version of pylint in your development environment in order to choose when you actually upgrade pylint's warnings. pylint is following semver versioning. But we can't guarantee that the output between version will stays the same. What this means is that:

  • In patch release (1.2.3), we only fix false positives and crashes.

You can expect less messages if you set the minor and upgrade to a new patch version. But still, if you enable useless-suppression it still means you can get a new useless-suppression when a false positive that you disabled is now fixed. Also, if a library you're using was upgraded and is understood better or worse than the previous one, you could get new messages too.

  • In minor releases (1.2.0), we add checks, remove checks, drop python interpreters past end of life, upgrade astroid minor/major versions and fix false negatives.

You can expect a lot more change in output, the main one being new checks.

  • In major releases (1.0.0) we change everything else (pylint options, json output, dev API...) while still trying to minimize disruption.

You could have to change the command you're launching or the plugin and editor integration you're using.