What's New In Pylint 1.0ΒΆ

Release date: 2013-08-06

  • Add check for the use of 'exec' function

  • New --msg-template option to control output, deprecating "msvc" and "parseable" output formats as well as killing --include-ids and --symbols options

  • Do not emit [fixme] for every line if the config value 'notes' is empty, but [fixme] is enabled.

  • Emit warnings about lines exceeding the column limit when those lines are inside multiline docstrings.

  • Do not double-check parameter names with the regex for parameters and inline variables.

  • Added a new warning missing-final-newline (C0304) for files missing the final newline.

  • Methods that are decorated as properties are now treated as attributes for the purposes of name checking.

  • Names of derived instance class member are not checked any more.

  • Names in global statements are now checked against the regular expression for constants.

  • For toplevel name assignment, the class name regex will be used if pylint can detect that value on the right-hand side is a class (like collections.namedtuple()).

  • Simplified invalid-name message

  • Added a new warning invalid-encoded-data (W0512) for files that contain data that cannot be decoded with the specified or default encoding.

  • New warning bad-open-mode (W1501) for calls to open (or file) that specify invalid open modes (Original implementation by Sasha Issayev).

  • New warning old-style-class (C1001) for classes that do not have any base class.

  • Add new name type 'class_attribute' for attributes defined in class scope. By default, allow both const and variable names.

  • New warning trailing-whitespace (C0303) that warns about trailing whitespace.

  • Added a new warning unpacking-in-except (W0712) about unpacking exceptions in handlers, which is unsupported in Python 3.

  • Add a configuration option for missing-docstring to optionally exempt short functions/methods/classes from the check.

  • Add the type of the offending node to missing-docstring and empty-docstring.

  • New utility classes for per-checker unittests in testutils.py

  • Do not warn about redefinitions of variables that match the dummy regex.

  • Do not treat all variables starting with _ as dummy variables, only _ itself.

  • Make the line-too-long warning configurable by adding a regex for lines for with the length limit should not be enforced

  • Do not warn about a long line if a pylint disable option brings it above the length limit

  • Do not flag names in nested with statements as undefined.

  • Added a new warning 'old-raise-syntax' for the deprecated syntax raise Exception, args

  • Support for PEP 3102 and new missing-kwoa (E1125) message for missing mandatory keyword argument

    Closes Logilab #107788

  • Fix spelling of max-branchs option, now max-branches

  • Added a new base class and interface for checkers that work on the tokens rather than the syntax, and only tokenize the input file once.

  • Follow astng renaming to astroid

  • Check for unbalanced unpacking in assignments

    Closes BitBucket #37

  • Fix incomplete-protocol false positive for read-only containers like tuple

    Closes BitBucket #25

  • Fix False positive E1003 on Python 3 for argument-less super()

    Closes BitBucket #16

  • Put back documentation in source distribution

    Closes BitBucket #6

  • epylint shouldn't hang anymore when there is a large output on pylint'stderr

    Closes BitBucket #15

  • Fix epylint w/ python3

    Closes BitBucket #7

  • Remove string module from the default list of deprecated modules

    Closes BitBucket #3