What's New In Pylint 1.3ΒΆ

Release date: 2014-07-26

  • Allow hanging continued indentation for implicitly concatenated strings.

    Closes #232.

  • Pylint works under Python 2.5 again, and its test suite passes.

  • Fix some false positives for the cellvar-from-loop warnings.

    Closes #233.

  • Return new astroid class nodes when the inferencer can detect that that result of a function invocation on a type (like type or abc.ABCMeta) is requested.

    Closes #205.

  • Emit 'undefined-variable' for undefined names when using the Python 3 metaclass= argument.

  • Checkers respect priority now.

    Closes #229

  • Fix a false positive regarding W0511.

    Closes #149.

  • Fix unused-import false positive with Python 3 metaclasses

    Closes #143

  • Don't warn with 'bad-format-character' when encountering the 'a' format on Python 3.

  • Add multiple checks for PEP 3101 advanced string formatting: 'bad-format-string', 'missing-format-argument-key', 'unused-format-string-argument', 'format-combined-specification', 'missing-format-attribute' and 'invalid-format-index'.

  • Issue broad-except and bare-except even if the number of except handlers is different than 1.

    Closes #113

  • Issue attribute-defined-outside-init for all cases, not just for the last assignment.

    Closes #262

  • Emit 'not-callable' when calling properties.

    Closes #268.

  • Fix a false positive with unbalanced iterable unpacking, when encountering starred nodes.

    Closes #273.

  • Add new checks, 'invalid-slice-index' and 'invalid-sequence-index' for invalid sequence and slice indices.

  • Add 'assigning-non-slot' warning, which detects assignments to attributes not defined in slots.

  • Don't emit 'no-name-in-module' for ignored modules.

    Closes #223.

  • Fix an 'unused-variable' false positive, where the variable is assigned through an import.

    Closes #196.

  • Definition order is considered for classes, function arguments and annotations.

    Closes #257.

  • Don't emit 'unused-variable' when assigning to a nonlocal.

    Closes #275.

  • Do not let ImportError propagate from the import checker, leading to crash in some namespace package related cases.

    Closes #203.

  • Don't emit 'pointless-string-statement' for attribute docstrings.

    Closes #193.

  • Use the proper mode for pickle when opening and writing the stats file.

    Closes #148.

  • Don't emit hidden-method message when the attribute has been monkey-patched, you're on your own when you do that.

  • Only emit attribute-defined-outside-init for definition within the same module as the offended class, avoiding to mangle the output in some cases.

  • Don't emit 'unnecessary-lambda' if the body of the lambda call contains call chaining.

    Closes #243.

  • Don't emit 'missing-docstring' when the actual docstring uses .format.

    Closes #281.