Full changelog

What's New in Pylint 2.6.1?

Release date: 2021-02-16

  • Astroid version has been set as < 2.5

    Closes #4093

What's New in Pylint 2.6.0?

Release date: 2020-08-20

  • Fix various scope-related bugs in undefined-variable checker

    Closes #1082, #3434, #3461

  • bad-continuation and bad-whitespace have been removed, black or another formatter can help you with this better than Pylint

    Closes #246, #289, #638, #747, #1148, #1179, #1943, #2041, #2301, #2304, #2944, #3565

  • The no-space-check option has been removed. It's no longer possible to consider empty line like a trailing-whitespace by using clever options

    Closes #1368

  • missing-kwoa is no longer emitted when dealing with overload functions

    Closes #3655

  • mixed-indentation has been removed, it is no longer useful since TabError is included directly in python3

    Closes #2984 #3573

  • Add super-with-arguments check for flagging instances of Python 2 style super calls.

  • Add an faq detailing which messages to disable to avoid duplicates w/ other popular linters

  • Fix superfluous-parens false-positive for the walrus operator

    Closes #3383

  • Fix fail-under not accepting floats

  • Fix a bug with ignore-docstrings ignoring all lines in a module

  • Fix pre-commit config that could lead to undetected duplicate lines of code

  • Fix a crash in parallel mode when the module's filepath is not set

    Closes #3564

  • Add raise-missing-from check for exceptions that should have a cause.

  • Support both isort 4 and isort 5. If you have pinned isort 4 in your projet requirements, nothing changes. If you use isort 5, though, note that the known-standard-library option is not interpreted the same in isort 4 and isort 5 (see the migration guide in isort documentation for further details). For compatibility's sake for most pylint users, the known-standard-library option in pylint now maps to extra-standard-library in isort 5. If you really want what known-standard-library now means in isort 5, you must disable the wrong-import-order check in pylint and run isort manually with a proper isort configuration file.

    Closes #3722

  • Fix a crash caused by not guarding against InferenceError when calling infer_call_result

    Closes #3690

  • Fix a crash in parallel mode when the module's filepath is not set

    Closes #3564