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What's New in Pylint 2.9.6?

Release date: 2021-07-28

  • Fix a false positive undefined-variable when variable name in decoration matches function argument

    Closes #3791

What's New in Pylint 2.9.5?

Release date: 2021-07-21

  • Fix a crash when there would be a 'TypeError object does not support item assignment' in the code we parse.

    Closes #4439

  • Fix crash if a callable returning a context manager was assigned to a list or dict item

    Closes #4732

  • Fix a crash when an AttributeInferenceError was not handled properly when failing to infer the real name of an import in astroid.

    Closes #4692

What's New in Pylint 2.9.4?

Release date: 2021-07-20

  • Added time.clock to deprecated functions/methods for python 3.3

  • Fix bug in which --fail-on can return a zero exit code even when the specified issue is present

    Closes #4296 Closes #3363

  • Fix hard failure when handling missing attribute in a class with duplicated bases

    Closes #4687

  • Fix false-positive consider-using-with (R1732) if a ternary conditional is used together with with

    Closes #4676

  • Fix false-positive deprecated-module when relative import uses deprecated module name.

    Closes #4629

  • Fix false-positive consider-using-with (R1732) if contextlib.ExitStack takes care of calling the __exit__ method

    Closes #4654

  • Fix a false positive for unused-private-member when mutating a private attribute with cls

    Closes #4657

  • Fix ignored empty functions by similarities checker with "ignore-signatures" option enabled

    Closes #4652

  • Fix false-positive of use-maxsplit-arg when index is incremented in a loop

    Closes #4664

  • Don't emit cyclic-import message if import is guarded by typing.TYPE_CHECKING.

    Closes #3525

  • Fix false-positive not-callable with alternative TypedDict syntax

    Closes #4715

  • Clarify documentation for consider-using-from-import

  • Don't emit unreachable warning for empty generator functions

    Closes #4698

  • Don't emit import-error, no-name-in-module, and ungrouped-imports for imports guarded by sys.version_info or typing.TYPE_CHECKING.

    Closes #3285 Closes #3382

  • Fix invalid-overridden-method with nested property

    Closes #4368

  • Fix false-positive of unused-private-member when using __new__ in a class

    Closes #4668

  • No longer emit consider-using-with for ThreadPoolExecutor and ProcessPoolExecutor as they have legitimate use cases without a with block.

    Closes #4689

  • Fix crash when inferring variables assigned in match patterns

    Closes #4685

  • Fix a crash when a StopIteration was raised when inferring a faulty function in a context manager.

    Closes #4723

What's New in Pylint 2.9.3?

Release date: 2021-07-01

  • Fix a crash that happened when analysing empty function with docstring in the similarity checker.

    Closes #4648

  • The similarity checker no longer add three trailing whitespaces for empty lines in its report.

What's New in Pylint 2.9.2?

Release date: 2021-07-01

  • Fix a crash that happened when analysing code using type(self) to access a class attribute in the unused-private-member checker.

    Closes #4638

  • Fix a false positive for unused-private-member when accessing a private variable with self

    Closes #4644

  • Fix false-positive of unnecessary-dict-index-lookup and consider-using-dict-items for reassigned dict index lookups

    Closes #4630

What's New in Pylint 2.9.1?

Release date: 2021-06-30

  • Upgrade astroid to 2.6.2

    Closes #4631 Closes #4633

What's New in Pylint 2.9.0?

Release date: 2021-06-29

  • Python 3.10 is now supported.

  • Add type annotations to pyreverse dot files

    Closes #1548

  • Fix missing support for detecting deprecated aliases to existing functions/methods.

    Closes #4618

  • astroid has been upgraded to 2.6.1

  • Added various deprecated functions/methods for python 3.10, 3.7, 3.6 and 3.3

  • Fix false positive useless-type-doc on ignored argument using pylint.extensions.docparams when a function was typed using pep484 but not inside the docstring.

    Closes #4117 Closes #4593

  • setuptools_scm has been removed and replaced by tbump in order to not have hidden runtime dependencies to setuptools

  • Fix a crash when a test function is decorated with @pytest.fixture and astroid can't infer the name of the decorator when using open without with.

    Closes #4612

  • Added deprecated-decorator: Emitted when deprecated decorator is used.

    Closes #4429

  • Added ignore-paths behaviour. Defined regex patterns are matched against full file path.

    Closes #2541

  • Fix false negative for consider-using-with if calls like open() were used outside of assignment expressions.

  • The warning for arguments-differ now signals explicitly the difference it detected by naming the argument or arguments that changed and the type of change that occurred.

  • Suppress consider-using-with inside context managers.

    Closes #4430

  • Added --fail-on option to return non-zero exit codes regardless of --fail-under value.

  • numversion tuple contains integers again to fix multiple pylint's plugins that relied on it

    Closes #4420

  • Fix false-positive too-many-ancestors when inheriting from builtin classes, especially from the collections.abc module

    Closes #4166 Closes #4415

  • Stdlib deprecated modules check is moved to stdlib checker. New deprecated modules are added.

  • Fix raising false-positive no-member on abstract properties

  • Created new error message called arguments-renamed which identifies any changes at the parameter names of overridden functions.

    Closes #3536

  • New checker consider-using-dict-items. Emitted when iterating over dictionary keys and then indexing the same dictionary with the key within loop body.

    Closes #3389

  • Don't emit import-error if import guarded behind if sys.version_info >= (x, x)

  • Fix incompatibility with Python 3.6.0 caused by typing.Counter and typing.NoReturn usage

    Closes #4412

  • New checker use-maxsplit-arg. Emitted either when accessing only the first or last element of str.split().

    Closes #4440

  • Add ignore_signatures to duplicate code checker

    Closes #3619

  • Fix documentation errors in "Block disables" paragraph of User Guide.

  • New checker unnecessary-dict-index-lookup. Emitted when iterating over dictionary items (key-value pairs) and accessing the value by index lookup.

    Closes #4470

  • New checker``consider-using-from-import``. Emitted when a submodule/member of a package is imported and aliased with the same name.

    Closes #2309

  • Allow comma-separated list in output-format and separate output files for each specified format.

    Closes #1798

  • Make using-constant-test detect constant tests consisting of list literals like [] and [1, 2, 3].

  • Improved error message of unnecessary-comprehension checker by providing code suggestion.

    Closes #4499

  • New checker unused-private-member. Emitted when a private member (i.e., starts with __) of a class is defined but not used.

    Closes #4483

  • Fix false negative of consider-using-enumerate when iterating over an attribute.

    Closes #3657

  • New checker invalid-class-object. Emitted when a non-class is assigned to a __class__ attribute.

    Closes #585

  • Fix a crash when a plugin from the configuration could not be loaded and raise an error 'bad-plugin-value' instead

    Closes #4555

  • Added handling of floating point values when parsing configuration from pyproject.toml

    Closes #4518

  • invalid-length-returned, now also works when nothing at all is returned following an upgrade in astroid.

  • logging-format-interpolation and logging-not-lazy, now works on logger class created from renamed logging import following an upgrade in astroid.

  • Fix false-positive no-member with generic base class

    Closes pylint-dev/astroid#942

  • Fix assigning-non-slot false-positive with base that inherits from typing.Generic

    Closes #4509 Closes pylint-dev/astroid#999

  • New checker invalid-all-format. Emitted when __all__ has an invalid format, i.e. isn't a tuple or list.

  • Fix false positive unused-variable and undefined-variable with Pattern Matching in Python 3.10

  • New checker await-outside-async. Emitted when await is used outside an async function.

  • Clarify documentation for typing extension.

    Closes #4545

  • Add new extension CodeStyleChecker. It includes checkers that can improve code consistency. As such they don't necessarily provide a performance benefit and are often times opinionated.

  • New checker consider-using-tuple. Emitted when an in-place defined list or set can be replaced by a tuple.

  • New checker consider-using-namedtuple-or-dataclass. Emitted when dictionary values can be replaced by namedtuples or dataclass instances.

  • Fix error that occurred when using slice as subscript for dict.

  • Reduce false-positives around inference of .value and .name properties on Enum subclasses, following an upgrade in astroid

    Closes #1932 Closes #2062

  • Fix issue with cached_property that caused invalid-overridden-method error when overriding a property.

    Closes #4023

  • Fix unused-import false positive for imported modules referenced in attribute lookups in type comments.

    Closes #4603