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What's New in Pylint 2.5.3?

Release date: 2020-06-8

  • Fix a regression where disable comments that have checker names with numbers in them are not parsed correctly

    Closes #3666

  • property-with-parameters properly handles abstract properties

    Closes #3600

  • continue-in-finally no longer emitted on Python 3.8 where it's now valid

    Closes #3612

  • Fix a regression where messages with dash are not fully parsed

    Closes #3604

  • In a TOML configuration file, it's now possible to use rich (non-string) types, such as list, integer or boolean instead of strings. For example, one can now define a list of message identifiers to enable like this:

    enable = [

    Closes #3538

  • Fix a regression where the score was not reported with multiple jobs

    Closes #3547

  • Protect against AttributeError when checking cell-var-from-loop

    Closes #3646

What's New in Pylint 2.5.2?

Release date: 2020-05-05

  • pylint.Run accepts do_exit as a deprecated parameter

    Closes #3590

What's New in Pylint 2.5.1?

Release date: 2020-05-05

  • Fix a crash in method-hidden lookup for unknown base classes

    Closes #3527

  • Revert pylint.Run's exit parameter to do_exit

    This has been inadvertently changed several releases ago to do_exit.

    Closes #3533

  • no-value-for-parameter variadic detection has improved for assign statements

    Closes #3563

  • Allow package files to be properly discovered with multiple jobs

    Closes #3524

  • Allow linting directories without __init__.py which was a regression in 2.5.

    Closes #3528

What's New in Pylint 2.5.0?

Release date: 2020-04-27

  • Fix a false negative for undefined-variable when using class attribute in comprehension.

    Closes #3494

  • Fix a false positive for undefined-variable when using class attribute in decorator or as type hint.

    Closes #511 Closes #1976

  • Remove HTML quoting of messages in JSON output.

    Closes #2769

  • Adjust the invalid-name rule to work with non-ASCII identifiers and add the non-ascii-name rule.

    Closes #2725

  • Positional-only arguments are taken in account for useless-super-delegation

  • unidiomatic-typecheck is no longer emitted for in and not in operators

    Closes #3337

  • Positional-only argument annotations are taken in account for unused-import

    Closes #3462

  • Add a command to list available extensions.

  • Allow used variables to be properly consumed when different checks are enabled / disabled

    Closes #3445

  • Fix dangerous-default-value rule to account for keyword argument defaults

    Closes #3373

  • Fix a false positive of self-assigning-variable on tuple unpacking.

    Closes #3433

  • no-self-use is no longer emitted for typing stubs.

    Closes #3439

  • Fix a false positive for undefined-variable when __class__ is used

    Closes #3090

  • Emit invalid-name for variables defined in loops at module level.

    Closes #2695

  • Add a check for cases where the second argument to isinstance is not a type.

    Closes #3308

  • Add 'notes-rgx' option, to be used for fixme check.

    Closes #2874

  • function-redefined exempts function redefined on a condition.

    Closes #2410

  • typing.overload functions are exempted from docstring checks

    Closes #3350

  • Emit invalid-overridden-method for improper async def overrides.

    Closes #3355

  • Do not allow python -m pylint ... to import user code

    python -m pylint ... adds the current working directory as the first element of sys.path. This opens up a potential security hole where pylint will import user level code as long as that code resides in modules having the same name as stdlib or pylint's own modules.

    Closes #3386

  • Add dummy-variables-rgx option for _redeclared-assigned-name check.

    Closes #3341

  • Fixed graph creation for relative paths

  • Add a check for asserts on string literals.

    Closes #3284

  • not in is considered iterating context for some of the Python 3 porting checkers.

  • A new check inconsistent-quotes was added.

  • Add a check for non string assignment to __name__ attribute.

    Closes #583

  • __pow__, __imatmul__, __trunc__, __floor__, and __ceil__ are recognized as special method names.

    Closes #3281

  • Added errors for protocol functions when invalid return types are detected. E0304 (invalid-bool-returned): __bool__ did not return a bool E0305 (invalid-index-returned): __index__ did not return an integer E0306 (invalid-repr-returned): __repr__ did not return a string E0307 (invalid-str-returned): __str__ did not return a string E0308 (invalid-bytes-returned): __bytes__ did not return a string E0309 (invalid-hash-returned): __hash__ did not return an integer E0310 (invalid-length-hint-returned): __length_hint__ did not return a non-negative integer E0311 (invalid-format-returned): __format__ did not return a string E0312 (invalid-getnewargs-returned): __getnewargs__ did not return a tuple E0313 (invalid-getnewargs-ex-returned): __getnewargs_ex__ did not return a tuple of the form (tuple, dict)

    Closes #560

  • missing-*-docstring can look for __doc__ assignments.

    Closes #3301

  • undefined-variable can now find undefined loop iterables

    Closes #498

  • safe_infer can infer a value as long as all the paths share the same type.

    Closes #2503

  • Add a --fail-under <score> flag, also configurable in a .pylintrc file. If the final score is more than the specified score, it's considered a success and pylint exits with exitcode 0. Otherwise, it's considered a failure and pylint exits with its current exitcode based on the messages issued.

    Closes #2242

  • Don't emit line-too-long for multilines when disable=line-too-long comment stands at their end

    Closes #2957

  • Fixed an AttributeError caused by improper handling of dataclasses inference in pyreverse

    Closes #3256

  • Do not exempt bare except from undefined-variable and similar checks

    If a node was wrapped in a TryExcept, pylint was taking a hint from the except handler when deciding to emit or not a message. We were treating bare except as a fully fledged ignore but only the corresponding exceptions should be handled that way (e.g. NameError or ImportError)

    Closes #3235

  • No longer emit assignment-from-no-return when a function only raises an exception

    Closes #3218

  • Allow import aliases to exempt import-error when used in type annotations.

    Closes #3178

  • Ellipsis` is exempted from ``multiple-statements for function overloads.

    Closes #3224

  • No longer emit invalid-name for non-constants found at module level.

    Pylint was taking the following statement from PEP-8 too far, considering all module level variables as constants, which is not what the statement is saying:

    Constants are usually defined on a module level and written in all capital letters with underscores separating words.

    Closes #3111 Closes #3132

  • Allow implicit-str-concat-in-sequence to be emitted for string juxtaposition

    Closes #3030

  • implicit-str-concat-in-sequence was renamed implicit-str-concat

  • The json reporter no longer bypasses redirect_stdout.

    Closes #3227

  • Move NoFileError, OutputLine, FunctionalTestReporter, FunctionalTestFile, LintModuleTest and related methods from test_functional.py to pylint.testutils to help testing for 3rd party pylint plugins.

  • Can read config from a setup.cfg or pyproject.toml file.

    Closes #617

  • Fix exception-escape false positive with generators

    Closes #3128

  • inspect.getargvalues is no longer marked as deprecated.

  • A new check f-string-without-interpolation was added

    Closes #3190

  • Flag mutable collections.* utilities as dangerous defaults

    Closes #3183

  • docparams extension supports multiple types in raises sections.

    Multiple types can also be separated by commas in all valid sections.

    Closes #2729

  • Allow parallel linting when run under Prospector

  • Fixed false positives of method-hidden when a subclass defines the method that is being hidden.

    Closes #414

  • Python 3 porting mode is 30-50% faster on most codebases

  • Python 3 porting mode no longer swallows syntax errors

    Closes #2956

  • Pass the actual PyLinter object to sub processes to allow using custom PyLinter classes.

    PyLinter object (and all its members except reporter) needs to support pickling so the PyLinter object can be passed to worker processes.

  • Clean up setup.py

    Make pytest-runner a requirement only if running tests, similar to McCabe.

    Clean up the setup.py file, resolving a number of warnings around it.

  • Handle SyntaxError in files passed via --from-stdin option

    Pylint no longer outputs a traceback, if a file, read from stdin, contains a syntaxerror.

  • Fix uppercase style to disallow 3+ uppercase followed by lowercase.

  • Fixed undefined-variable and unused-import false positives when using a metaclass via an attribute.

    Closes #1603

  • Emit unused-argument for functions that partially uses their argument list before raising an exception.

    Closes #3246

  • Fixed broad_try_clause extension to check try/finally statements and to check for nested statements (e.g., inside of an if statement).

  • Recognize classes explicitly inheriting from abc.ABC or having an abc.ABCMeta metaclass as abstract. This makes them not trigger W0223.

    Closes #3098

  • Fix overzealous arguments-differ when overridden function uses variadics

    No message is emitted if the overriding function provides positional or keyword variadics in its signature that can feasibly accept and pass on all parameters given by the overridden function.

    Closes #1482 Closes #1553

  • Multiple types of string formatting are allowed in logging functions.

    The logging-fstring-interpolation message has been brought back to allow multiple types of string formatting to be used.

    Closes #3361